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Virtual Classroom

The institute can conduct the virtual classroom with as much as 15 batches simultaneously & can accommodate 100 students per batch seamlessly as per their schedule. The faculty gets the same classroom environment in this virtual application.


The institute will receive an admin login through which they can create batches, assign students to those batches, schedule lectures for a month in advance, create student logins & tutor logins & assign them. The students & faculty can view the entire schedule in their login which will help for their own schedule management.


The attendance of the faculty & students would be marked automatically whenever they enter the classroom & the records of the same would be maintained for future reference.

Content Security

The content can be centrally managed by the institution and the access of a particular topic can be assigned to a lecture which can be used by the tutor during the lecture without any disturbance, hereby maintaining the security and privacy of the content.

Lecture Recording & Its Access

Every lecture can be recorded in a centralized location and its access can be given to every student & tutor in their login portal for viewing, which can be kept throughtout the year. This will avoid all the external transfering hassles & maintain data privacy.


Overall application modules to manage all the processes

EDBE Admin

This module enables the institute to control the entire system by managing configuration & master data like courses, subjects, chapters, etc. to be used by the institution for the entire year.

EDBE Classroom Tutor

This module assists the faculty to get a dashboard in which they can view their profile, lecture summary, lecture schedule, lecture attendance, etc. when they login.

EDBE Classroom Student

This module assists the student to get a dashboard in which they can view their profile, lecture summary, lecture schedule, video recordings, etc. when they login.

EDBE Studio Schedule

This module assists the institute to maintain the system through the admin login by creating various functions like batch creation, student login & faculty login creation, lecture scheduling, etc.

EDBE Studio Content

This module enables the institution to maintain the content (presentations, videos, etc.) in their specified centralised location from which the usage access can be given to every faculty for lecture viewing in order to avoid the piracy of data.

EDBE Student LMS

This module provides the Learning Management System platform to the institution which will give a good user experience to the students.

Virtual Classroom Features

Facilitator of a very seamless experience of video conferencing with exclusive features

Student can enter classroom only after Tutor Starts Lecture

As in every classroom, without the faculty, the lecture can’t be started irrespective of students, the same way here the students can’t enter the virtual classroom until the faculty has started the lecture to avoid unnecessary discussion of students inside the lecture.

Raise your hand & Other Emoji's

In every class, students generally raise their hand if they have any doubts, likewise here the student can raise their hand & the faculty can identify them & can clear all their doubts.


In this, the tutor can use the whiteboard to teach all the formulae, diagrams, equations, etc. where in the tutor can write the question & the student can also write the answer on the spot through multiuser function & can save & give this in learning content in student login.

Sharing of Key Points

In this, the tutor can share the written key points discussed during the lecture real time & the student can download the same in various formats such as .doc, .PDF, etc..

Tutor Controlled Lecture

In this application, the faculty has complete control over the entire lecture as in a physical classroom & they can decide the way they want to conduct their lectures in terms of the permissions to be given to all students.

Mute all

The faculty can mute the students or any specific student as per the requirements any time during the session.

Integrated Chat

In this, the faculty can chat with all the students in the common chat & can send private message to specific students also

Share Screen (Screen, Application & Browser App)

The faculty can share the entire screen which can’t be edited by any student. They can also share any application like Power Point, PDF etc. & can use all their features while teaching. They can also share browser apps like Youtube, Google, etc. to show the reference material to students anytime during the lecture.

Plug and Play

The faculty as well as the students don’t have to download any application from any store as this application is basically browser based where they can login & enjoy the seamless experience.

Auto Attendance for Faculty and Student

The attendance is marked automatically for that lecture when they enter the session. Hence there is no need of separate attendance marking system.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Important things which you need to know

You can share your entire screen, any third party application & any browser app.
Yes. You can edit or use any third party application to the fullest while sharing.
Yes, You can record the lecture completely & store it a centralised location.
Yes. You can give the access to lecture recordings to students & tutors in their login portals without making them download it.
Yes, You can schedule the lectures 1 week or even 1 month in advance & upload it so that the students & tutors can check it in their login portals.